Caring for myrtle tree

Some of the most common front and back yard decorating green scrub is myrtle tree. Be it a medium or a huge tree, it needs some care to look at its best.

Myrtle trees requires very little but some periodic care to be heathy and blossom with full potential.

Here are the tips on caring for your Myrtle tree.

There are just three things that contribute the most.

Pruning: Unless other scrubs, the Myrtle tree is not typically cared by our front maintenance. And This tree does need to be pruned before the spring. Typically end of February or early March is ideal for Texas.

You would have to saw off any lower part of branch, the top parts that has dried up seed pods from previous year flowering and those other branches that run in between the tree’s main branch. If your tree is 5 years or older, its wise to keep the bottom 4 feet off of any branches.

Here is the picture of a tree that was pruned: Time line March 10.

Pesticide / fungicide:  caring for Crape myrtle bark. Crape myrtle bark scale is relatively easy to identify. It is the only scale known to infest crape myrtles. Adult females are felt-like white or gray encrustations that stick to crape myrtle twigs, stems and trunks. When crushed, the scales exude bright pink “blood”-like liquid. ‘Spectracide Triazicide’ and ‘Compare-N-Save Systemic Tree and Shrub’ had typically worked well for me. Typical timeline is Mid or end of April where the leaves have fully covered the tree.

Fertilizer: Some boost from ground up is no brainer for plant and tree care. One a year give a boost from below. Product ‘Miracle-Gro Tree’ and ‘shake and feed’ have worked in all my bigger trees. Its best you do this before spring and/or by late summer when flowering for the year is done and the tree will have time to absorb the nutrients and be ready for next season.

Enjoy the results.

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