Smart and secure garage door

Smart and Secure garage

Garage is one of our daily used part of the house and its simply essential that we care for it in ways possible. Not only that its one of the most accessed area of the house but also the highly vulnerable if you missed to pay attention to it every day.

 Confused?! Don’t be. Here are some things that you could do to make this essential part of your home less complicated when it comes to its care and security

Lubricating your garage door’s roller wheels and the chain cog once in a year is vital for its best operating condition. You don’t have to shop any special oil for that, the multi-use WD-40 would do. But if you prefer to go something that’s exclusive, some silicon or gel-based products like garage door lubes based that are best for non-dripping solutions.  

However, that though helps prolong its life, wont help make the door any way more secured.

Like many other things, your garage door could be automated. Instead of traditional push keys inside or outside your garage door, you could switch to smart garage door openers. And operate your door with a verity of means including but not limited to having an app installed in your phone, smart sensors etc. There are plenty of smart door openers out there if you choose to replace the existing. But unless there is a serious issue with your current door opener, you don’t have to change the whole thing to make it smart. Product like Chamberlain MyQ Smart is a simple solution that could make any existing garage door opener into a smart door in less than 15 mins.

With few simple steps, your door could becomes smart. Not just for opening and closing with your mobile App but also setting it up with IFTTT could automate auto close on specific time, Geofence auto close could help you keep your door in check if you forget to do your chord some day! If not already, it is bound to happen so why take chances.

The other thing you could do is to have a camera installed inside your garage door to monitor and auto alert incase there is a motion sensed.

This is great and all but one tip that made me write this article is to highlight the import thing that you would need to do before going away from your home for a extended time. You would need to ensure your garage door is double secured as you do for your Main entry doors.

  • Ensure you turn your garage door opener radio turned off. This means, your door would not respond to any radio frequency. That means, no one could send a random signal to open your garage door mimicking your remote key.
Setting your garage radio off
  • Ensure your garage physical security lock is put on locked into the socket. And be careful not to open the garage when its secured. You would end up damaging the door or the pully system if the door was operated when its in secured (locked) position.
Garage door secure lock in unlocked position
Garage door secure lock in locked position. Caution not to open the door when its locked.

Stay safe, smart and secured.

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