Cedar Fence care

Phillips’s creek ranch fences are made of cedar wood and would require care every 3-5 years. As the parts that take a lot of sun fades faster than the other. .


As per the HOA standards, the allowed color is pecan No 115. And recommended brand is Ready Seal.

This is a two-step process, wash and stain.

You would need a power wash to remove any build up that your fence might have had and its recommended to do that with bleach infuse, however its optional.

Here is the picture of the fence before the power wash.


This one washed and dried.

Followed by the stain. It takes a can of stain to cover 40 feet of fence if you are getting all the spot. Do the math 😊

And here is the after the stain sprayed and dried.

For those who prefer DIY, its quite an effort if you chose to do the right way. so would recommend spreading the effort over few days.

DIY Tips : Pick a day that not too warm or doing in morning hours when the sun is easy on you. Also, dont spray if its windy, the stain will float away in the air and takes a lot more stain to complete the task.

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